Don’t compare yourself to others (a poem)

Comparing yourself with others is a negative habit. All of us suffer from it. I certainly do. The negative part is I frequently compare my inner most intimate part with others outward public self. This comparison is totally unfair. I know many of my most intimate flaws. While with others I might only know the shiny surface they show to the world. Clearly, that is an unfair comparison. To get myself out of this cycle I wrote a poem called “Don’t compare yourself to others”

don't compare yourself to others

Don’t compare yourself to others

Do you think the Mississippi river ever says: ” I wish I was as long as the Nile?”
Does the Yangtze River in China ever lament the fact it flows in only one country when the Amazon washes across a whole continent?
Does the calm Euphrates ever say to swift rumbling Tigris: “You are a show off. Flow quietly. Be more like me?”
There is a bend downstream, my friend.
Over there we shall lay down our sorrows,
And let our souls float.
allow our hearts to mend.
I come wearing ruffles and lace.
Flowers in my hair.
Noisy jangly earrings.
Prepare to dance.
No room left for audience.
The ruffles in my skirt are waves of unrestrained gushing.
This buoyancy is my eloquence.
Your fire burns with desire to be extinguished.
The force of my yearning is
charting a course through mountains.
Floods, waterfalls and raging rapids always appear by surprise,
don’t waste time on planning.
I don’t care what you think.
Water that stops moving stagnates.
We are those that sustain life on our banks
You better come prepared to dance.
Listen to the song of this flowing.
Wear its waves around your waist.
This river shall seize you in its rhythm.
By the time, it spits you out.
You are either fish or dead.

don't compare yourself to others

Have you found an effective way to stop yourself from comparing yourself to others? If yes, please share it with me.

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