Kiss by Prince from Purple Rain into a Flamenco Dance 1

My dance teacher decided to create a flamenco choreography to a pop song. After much deliberation she chose Kiss by Prince. I have no idea how many hours and hours went into studying and practicing this routine. It was so hard that initially we slowed down the music by 80% then by 90%. Finally we played kiss by prince at 100%. Despite all the hard work it was a challenge, an honor and total pleasure to participate in this. And please notice the move involving taking off our jackets. Isn’t that cool? A response to the lyric “I know how to undress me”.

In rehearsal. Here we are practicing our routine few days before the show. I will always remember how happy I was when I danced to this.

Choreography by Kasandra La China

Flamenco Dancers:
Kasandra La China
Andrea Williams
Gina Holliday
Cyrena Huang
Kelty McKerracher
Kara Miranda
Elen Ghulam

Kiss by Prince

Everything about this was light and breezy. At the end of the performance I felt proud of my own accomplishment. Who would believe that this geek would do something so cool and daring. It seems like a dream. Like something that I imagined. I need to remind myself that I really did it.

What pop song would you choose for a flamenco dance? Would love to hear what you have to say.

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