Part 2 in my “how to name my next novel” Saga

I am half way through the second draft of the next novel. I can see the end coming. It is so close, I can taste it. Yet a name for this creation has not arrived yet. Attempt number 1 is here. I thought it would be cool if I gave the novel a made up name. Something where meaning can be inferred rather than explicitly given. Imagine if there is a fictional search engine like google. Where you type a name of food and out come a story from the heroine’s life that involves this food. The heroine is typing all sorts of food’s into this search engine, attempting to find the purpose of her life. Thoog means to taste in arabic. It can mean to taste food or it can mean to sense things in the grand manifestation of the word.

Thoog + google = Thoogle

The image is something that I quickly put together in a couple of hours. Obviously if I decide to go with the Thoogle concept I will draw something much much better. A bowl of soup, a spoon with a mini house on fire and mini family inside. The house is slipping off the spoon about to be drowned into the soup.

Would love to hear your impressions.

To get a live example of how the word thoog can be used. Here is Um Kalthum singing:

Thoog ma-aya al hub,

Which translates to

Taste with me the love,

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