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I always obsess about what to name a book. How to capture the full range of happenings yet keep it simple and memorable? An impossible task. To find a selection of few words that when combined express the fullness of what takes 300 pages to describe. I have describes previous crazy making attempts here and here. So here I am again. At it once more time. Since I can’t cure the craziness, I will share it instead.

I am nearing the end of of new novel. I am weeks or even days away from finishing the first draft. Already the obsession started. It is a story told through a set of eating experiences. A young woman faces a dilemma she doesn’t know what to do about. She is travelling through her past, present and future hoping to discover a key to what is ailing her. Her approach is to curate eating experiences as a methodical system for summarizing her life.

So what should I call this creation? Here is idea #1.

So Close, I Can Taste It

Don’t worry too much about the quality of the image. It is something I threw together quickly to simply help me imagine the book. Once I decide on a concept I will make sure to create something far better. Please share your feedback, gut feelings and impressions. I totally appreciate it.

Whomever suggests the winning title for my novel shall receive a signed copy of this book.

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