Tuna Sandwich dressed as a Slice of Cake

Cake and tuna. Two words that seem at odds with each other. Right? But wait until you see my sassy tuna sandwich cake. You might change your mind. Watch this video first and then read the rest of the blog post.

When I think of all the energy I wasted on hoping that other people would like me, I just laugh at myself. What a silly thing to invest in. Why be sweet when you can be sassy? Tuna salad sandwich is the sassiest thing I could think of. It is fishy smelly. It is the sourness of lemon juice. The bite of green onions. A sandwich that leaves a mark on your tongue long after you have finished eating. Sweetness of a different kind. Sweet without sugar. Something authentic is brewing between those slices of bread. A tangy bolt of energy that connects you with the vibrancy of life. Protected between slices of bread. Hidden. Every bite a new surprise. To increase the cake effect, I made a triple layer sandwich. It gave the creation extra height. When my husband came from work, he thought that it was a slice of cake with chocolate sauce, this made me sooooooooooooooooo happy. My visual deception is a success.

Tuna Sandwich Cake Ingredients:

Slices of white bread
Green onions
Can of tuna
Fresh dill

For garnish:
Balsamic vinegar reduction infused with figs.
Ketchup in a small squeezie bottle.
Sliced of green onion.

Tuna Sandwich Cake Recipe:

Drain the tuna can of liquid.
Flake the remaining tuna with a fork in a bawl.
Add juice of half a lemon
4 table spoons of mayonnaise.
salt and pepper
Add chopped dill.
Add chopped green onions.
Mix everything together.

Spread tuna salad on a slice of bread.
Place a slice of bread on top.
Spread tuna salad on top of that.
One more slice of bread.

Cut into a triangle.
Cut out the remaining crust.

Decorate a plate with the balsamic vinegar and ketchup.
Place the sandwich triangle.
garnish with a raspberry, parsley leaf and slices of green onions.


tuna sandwich cake

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