Every Dance Tells a Story

A few saw the below performance and commented that they felt I was telling a story. Glad my state of narration bleeds though. Yes! Indeed! This dance tells a story. Some stories are too private. Dance is perfect for those paths where words don’t dare tread. A sentiment can be made of charmeuse wings of a butterfly. To speak its name is to soil it beyond grace. However, I can give you an abstract idea.

This form of flamenco is called solea. Which mean loneliness or aloneness. Big chucks of flamenco is about anger, fiery tempers and forbidden desires. Yet, my interpretation of solea, which is totally my own, is of what happens after the bitterness is gone. Revenge is no longer craved. A dancer is dancing to console herself. The dream of a happy ending has been given up on. And yet inside this act of submission, a victory of a different kind. Dark and light. White and black. Between them a never ending dance. This isn’t despair. This is victory of the finest sort. Relief need not come. I named this piece “Tonight, I rule!” I made up the choreography as my own pathway towards victory. Not victory over others. My secret dance tells a story of conquering and accepting self. In a bizarre mixture. A formula that only works for me.

Vocals: Vicente Griego
Guitar: Peter Mole
Palmas: Elvira Yebes & Bethany Murphy

dance tells a story

Can you see the story inside the dance? Would love to hear your comments.

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