Happy Pancake Is A Rainbow Polkadot Pancake

I associate polka dots and rainbow with happiness. When thinking of a happy pancake, I decided to combine all elements into a grand one.

I was thinking about how in my novel Graffiti Hack, I left certain part of the story out on purpose, with plenty of hints to indicate what is really going on. The best part of any story always remains untold. Therefore it is polka dot type of a novel with holes in it. That made me want to visualize it with this polka dot happy pancake.

My obsession with polka dots is nothing new. Watch this video to explain how it started.

Happy Pancake Ingredients:

Pancake Batter:
1 cup flour
1 cup milk
1 table spoon of oil
1 egg
baking powder

Happy Pancake Recipe:

Blue: Mixed some blue coloring with some pancake batter
Purple: Mixed blue and red food coloring with some pancake batter
Green: cucumber and grean peas
Black: canned olives
yellow: Mozzarella Cheese
orange: Cheddar cheese. I also prepared some boiled carrot slices but didn’t use them in the end.
red: sliced tomato.
pink: turkey breast

I made a small blue pancaked, small purple pancake and large plain pancake. Then using an assortment of circle cookie cutters, a straw and piping tips I cut out circles in all my ingredients and arrange them in a whimsical way.
Here is what it looked like in the end:
happy pancake

The end result was fun to eat, since each bite tasted different. Each portion was a new surprise. Food that takes you on an adventure. I like the concept of that.

This is one of many recipes I created to inspire me while writing a novel about food.

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