Paul Klee’s Famous Painting Into Shepherd’s Pie

This is where I take one of Paul Klee famous paintings and turn it into shepherd’s pie. Watch the video first, then read the details below.

This is the first Eat Your Art challenge where the taste was improved by the artwork. Using Paul Klee’s famous painting “Woman in Peasant Dress” I created a vegetarian Shepard’s Pie.

Woman in Peasant Dress By Paul Klee

During my trip to Switzerland I got to see many artworks by Paul Klee. I was moved by how he could express delicate feelings using abstract geometric shapes.

My strategy was to mix mashed potato with different vegetable purees to create different colors. As I sat down to sample the finished product. The green mixed with the orange and red in my mouth, creating a subtle dance of flavors that was exhilarating. I suddenly was struck by a feeling of happiness. Like a squished ant failing to crawl on the ground that discovers its a flying elephant conquering the vast expanse of the sky. “This is exciting” I found myself thinking. I wish I could infuse the air with this sense of humble accomplishment so that everybody gets to experience it.

Paul Klee Shepard’s Pie Ingredients:

Mashed potato
6 large potatoes
salt and pepper

I boiled a red beet for 30 minutes and then pureed it with olive oil and salt, then I added mashed potato

I pureed canned green peas with olive oil, salt and pepper and then added mashed potato

I boiled two chopped carrots and pureed them with olive oil and salt, and then I added mashed potato

I oven roasted one and a half yellow peppers. Peeled them. Pureed with olive oil, water and salt and then added mashed potato.

The filling
One Onion
Veggie Block (vegetarian ground beef)
yellow pepper
red beat
canned green peas.
Three table spoons of tomato sauce
salt and pepper
I friend the onions, added vegetables, veggie block and tomato sauce and stirred together.

Paul Klee Shepard’s Pie Recipe:

I placed the filling on the bottom. Placed some plain mashed potato on top and leveled it with a pie server. I used a chopstick to create the general outline. I used icing bag to pipe the red edges. Then used the pie server to fill the rest with a variety of color.

Covered the Paul Klee famous painting in aluminium foil and placed it in the oven for 30 minutes on 350 degrees.

This is what it looked like in the end.
Paul Klee :: Women in Peasant Dress :: Shepard's Pie
This is one of many recipes I created to inspire me while writing a novel about food.

Out of all of Paul Klee famous paintings, which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comment section.

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