What does heaven look like?in Veggies and Dip

The phrase “heaven is a place on earth” swirls around in my mind as I create this veggies and dip dish. What does heaven look like? Can I create an image that approximates it? Is it possible for me to create my heaven in my daily life? What would that look like? Watch this video first and then read the rest of the blog post.

The word heaven has been swirling lots in my mind the last week. After a two month trip in Europe, I keep thinking how heavenly it is to sleep in my own bed. How fantastic it is to wake up in the morning and make coffee in my pyjamas. How amazing it is that I can read the signs and understand things said around me. Yesterday I went to the supermarket and felt a water fall of delight because I could read the labels and walked away with a handful of groceries that didn’t involve guess work. My days are filled with small joys that I normally take for granted.

“Heaven is a place on earth” indeed. I just want to hold on that feeling.

I decided to take the concept of veggies and dip (common at potluck dinners) and put a twist on it.

jumbo carrot
green onions
red pepper
red beet
cheddar cheese
black and white sesame
blue jello
two packets of gelatin
ranch salad dressing
blue food coloring
An assortment of cookie cutters.

I made jello according to the package instructions and added the gelatin so that it would turn firmer and hence easier to cut with a cookie cutter.

Boiled the beet until I could easily insert a knife through it, then let it cool so that I could easily handle it without burning my fingers.

The rest of vegetables I simply sliced and cutup using cookie cutters to creating fun shapes.

Here is what veggie and dip looks like in final heaven form. Do you think it looks heavenly?

Veggies and Dip Heaven is a place on earth

Now imagine if you showed up at a party with something like this. I bet everybody will want start a conversation with you.

I was planning to make salsa with all scraps using a bunch of tomatoes I have in the fridge. However, my daughter beat me to it. She chopped up all the scraps finely and made a super delish omelet with them.

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