Top 10 Magical Moments from my Europe Trip 3

During a trip to Switzerland and Italy I curate the most memorable moment in my Europe trip. Click in the image to see a bigger one.

#10 Moment from Europe Trip: Rainbow over the Alps

#9 Moment from Europe Trip: Train Football
To pass time on many train rides, inspired by FIFA matches, my son invented train football (soccer for north americans). It starts by scrunching paper tissue into a ball. Using the side tables available in most European trains as a court. Index finger and middle finger on each hand act as feet of an athlete kicking the ball, the whole family participated in epic matches that would make the audiences of FIFA gasp in awe.

#8 Moment from Europe Trip: Visiting Technicolor Burano, Italy
This unique village in Italy features a colorfully painted houses. A walk though it felt like a fairytale adventure that was illustrated by the hands of an artist. I found my imagination going wild.

#7 Moment from Europe Trip: Fitting into the fireplace at the Chateau Chillon Castle, Switzerland
What did they usually cook in there when it was in operation? I prefer not to think about it.

#6 Moment from Europe Trip: St. Leonard Underground Lake in Switzerland

The light reflections on the water and the cave’s ceiling created a magical show that is hard to describe.

#5 Moment: Attending opera Carmen in a Roman Amphitheater in Verona Italy.
Talking about connection with history. It was a pure magical experience.

#4 Moment: Handmade boat made by an Iraqi political prisoner at the Red Crescent Museum in Geneva, Switzerland

#3 Moment: Rainbow over Geneva Lake in Switzerland

#2 Moment: Entering Venice, Italy by a boat
This sight was so striking that our Italian friends were awe struck. You know you are witnessing something magical when the locals are gob smacked by it. I felt I was in a dream.

#1 Moment from Europe Trip: Spending many bonding moments with people I love the most (my family)

My husband sitting on a throne in Torcello, Italy

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3 thoughts on “Top 10 Magical Moments from my Europe Trip

  • Karen Bainbridge

    You are making me want to visit all of these places in Italy like Torcello over the bridges and sitting on the throne and the plazas and canals in Venice and Swiss chocolates and clocks. I loved to travel all over in Europe when I was younger your pictures bring back memories.

  • ihath Post author

    Hello Karen,

    I have a secret to share with you. This whole trip was my husband’s idea. I even resisted at the beginning and my husband had to put effort to convince me to go for it. In the end, I had such a great time. Plus I realized that Lausanne will make an appearance in my next novel. So this trip will be good for my future writing as well. Am I ever grateful I listened to my husband.