Exit through Florence Graffiti – Italy 2

During a recent trip to Florence Italy, I noticed this playful graffiti at different parts of the town. I enjoyed the subtlety. Among the most astounding and intimidating works of art, a whimsical diversion.

Florence Graffiti #1

Florence Graffiti #2

Florence Graffiti #3

Please notice the stylish hat. I felt very European wearing it.

Here are a few other images from Florence to give you a sense of context.

Judith beheading Holofernes by Donatello

David by Michelangelo

An Army of tourists marching up and down Florence in every direction

Here are more impressions from my trip.

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2 thoughts on “Exit through Florence Graffiti – Italy

  • Laurie McGarva

    Best time to visit Florence is late autumn. Fewer tourists. Don’t get over-heated. The Academy and the original statue of David is amazing. I simply gawked, drop-jawed. Such detailed art produced so long ago by people with much shorter life expectancies. I feel blessed to view it. Yes, there’s another trip to Florence on my bucket list. Every visit is longer.

  • ihath Post author

    Hello Laurie, I am not fond of sculptures in general, but this one left me in awe. I kept staring at it for 30 minutes. Pictures don’t do it justice.