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Last week’s Eat Your Art project was so exhausting I wanted to do something fun and easy instead. I decided to make pixel art version of princess Leia in crackers and cheese. Well! It didn’t turn out so easy after all, in fact it was much more work than I imagined.


Crackers (lots and lots of crackers)
Cream Cheese
Tomato Paste
Sea Weed
A can of Black Bean
Olive oil

In a mixer I added black beans, olive oil, salt and garlic salt. Then I mixed a bit of tomato paste with cream cheese and some pesto with cream cheese. Plus I cut up the Sea Weed into squares.

I found this image on the internet

It is the work of artist Andy Rash. Visit his website to see an array of his exquisite creations.

Music in the video by Kevin MacLeod visit his website (incompetech.com)

If you are going to be trying this at home make sure to have a dish towel handy. It was a messy job. I found myself constantly wiping my hands and my working surface. I wasn’t too fond of sea weed and cream cheese. But then I made the mistake of buying sea weed that is used for rolling sushi instead of the seasoned kind that is ready for eating. That might have made a difference. Also I didn’t like the taste of tomato paste with the cream cheese. It tasted uncooked. Next time I would use ketchup instead of maybe dice a fresh tomato. On the other hand, pesto and cream cheese tasted fantastic. Too fantastic. I couldn’t stop eating it. Each time I made a mistake with one of my cracker tiles, I was all too happy to stick it in my mouth. The whole princess Leia got eaten with tomato soup and a large garden salad.

How odd that making perfect squares is so difficult by hand when it is totally natural for a computer.

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