Story illustrated with pancake art

This was a huge amount of work. The most difficult Eat Your Art challenge thus far. Only this one should be called Eat Your Story perhaps. The first edible story in human history. And when it comes to pancake art, who can resist a story about an insomniac princess.

The first batch of pancake art was a failure. The batter was either too lumpy or too runny. I either couldn’t squeeze it out of the bottles or it was spilling out without any control. I also tried to avoid using food coloring which didn’t work. All my attempts to use pureed spinach, cocoa powder and spices in place of food coloring didn’t work. I finally gave up and decided to use the darn food coloring. On my second attempt I used a hand mixer to blend the batter until it was totally smooth and then I let it sit on the counter for 20 minutes to get rid of all the bubbles. Finally I got batter that I could control using the squeezy bottles.

The second pancake art challenge I faced was my kids. Usually when I make pancakes they get eaten while I am making them. As I worked on this project, my kids kept walking into the kitchen to check out what I was doing. I kept shouting: “DON’T EAT THE PANCAKES UNTIL AFTER I PHOTOGRAPH THEM.” I was worried they would disappear before I had a chance to take the pictures that I wanted. Everything was eaten in the end with jam.

All this makes me think if this pancake art could be refined to make something more sophisticated. Not just cartoonish images, but something more refined. I wonder how far I can take this. Before I continue experimenting, I need to take a break from pancakes for at least a few weeks. I am bit fedup with eating pancakes for now. I will go play with other food.

Here are all the pancake art pictures.

What about you? What story would you illustrate with pancake art?

This is one of many recipes I created to inspire me while writing a novel about food.

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