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While writing the novel Graffiti Hack, I was hugely inspired by the work of Banksy. I frequently described Graffiti Hack to be a story of Banksy if he was a woman graffitiying the internet. A sort of Banksy 2.0. When I started creating artwork using food, Baksy immediately came to mind. I have been contemplating the Banksy balloon girl meaning while making this pashtida recipe. Watch the video first, then read the rest of this blog post.

So this is my first Eat Your Art fail. Feeling heart broken, but at least I have something yummy to eat. The idea was to make pashtida and imprint an iconic Banksy image on it. Pashtida is similar to quiche with no crust therefore it is easier to make and is equally yummy. It simply didn’t work. The intricate details got lost. I need to work on some new way. I will keep experimenting.

We are all familiar with the Banksy iconic balloon girl image.

I created a paper stencil of it. I think Banksy would approve of this step.

banksy balloon girl

Used dried dill and paprika to fill out the cutout bits in the paper.

banksy balloon girl stencil
banksy balloon girl

This is what it looked like in the end after it was baked. Right before I served it to my family. I don’t think that Banksy would approve of the final result. Do you?

banksy balloon girl meaning

As for the Banksy balloon girl meaning. I always felt that is was about loss, heart break. Have you ever seen a child lose a balloon? They can be so devastated by it. Like it’s the end of the world. I think the balloon girl represent that sense of total devastation.

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You can always explore the works of Banksy on his website.

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