Tetris :: Eat Your Art

The spices I ended up using were:

  • black sesame
  • regular sesame
  • turmeric
  • sumac
  • red paprika

I tried creating orange by mixing turmeric and red paprika but that didn’t look so well.

Creating all those cubes was labor intensive and I found myself having to wash out the mold every four cubes because it was becoming too sticky and cube was beginning to stick to the mold.

I served the rice Tetris with a variety of sauces:

  • light sesame teriyaki sauce
  • vegetables stewed in tomato sauce
  • thai yellow curry in coconut milk sauce

all seemed like good accompaniments.
My son said that rice Tetris was my best creation in the Eat Your Art project thus far. My husband feels that the Cherry Blossom tree on Baba Ganoush was his favorite. Starting to dream about the next project. This one was lots of work but very satisfying.

Tertris in Rice

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