Tetris Challenge In Rice Cubes

Tetris is the best and most successful video game in the history of human kind. It is non violent and highly addictive. It gave me hours and hours of pleasure. I had this idea to create the video game Tetris out of cooked rice. It was a labour intensive process and my kitchen became a mess in the process. But I am happy with the end result. Makes me think of university days when I played Tetris for hours on end until I saw Tetris shapes when I closed my eyes. What a super fun game and a super fun Eat Your Art challenge.

Watch the video first. Then read the rest of the details below.

To create rice cube Tetris, I had to create a large quantity of rice. I had no idea how much I needed and so I made extra. My idea was to make white rice. Press it into cubes then coat it using different spices to create the colors that I desired.

I purchased a cube making gadget to press rice into beautiful looking blocks.

tetris blocks

The spices I ended up using were:

  • black sesame for black
  • regular sesame for white
  • turmeric for yellow
  • sumac for brown
  • red paprika for, you guessed it, red
  • dried dill for green

I tried creating orange by mixing turmeric and red paprika but that didn’t look so well. So I cancelled the idea.

I also create blue rice by boiling red cabbage, adding baking soda into the water and then boiling the rice in the resulting water.

Creating all those cubes was labor intensive and I found myself having to wash out the mold every four cubes because it was becoming too sticky and cube was beginning to stick to the mold.

finally it was time to put everything together.

Here is what it looked like in the end


I served the rice Tetris with a variety of sauces:

  • light sesame teriyaki sauce
  • vegetables stewed in tomato sauce
  • thai yellow curry in coconut milk sauce

All seemed like good accompaniments. In fact, it was fun dipping the cubes in different sauces.

video game food: tetris
tetris challenge
tetris shapes
tetris blocks

My son said that rice Tetris was my best creation in the Eat Your Art project thus far. My husband feels that the Cherry Blossom tree on Baba Ganoush was his favorite. Starting to dream about the next project. This one was lots of work but very satisfying.

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