Cherry Blossom Tree Drawing in a Baba Ghanoush

Every April, the cherry blossom trees bloom in Vancouver. Turning the city into a surreal scene of dream like beauty. White and pink fluffy clouds appear in the sky. When the blossoms begin to fall the white and pink petals are carried by the wind all over the place. Beauty upon beauty. Here I try to create a cherry bloom tree drawing in a baba ghanoush recipe. Watch this video first, then read the rest of the blog post for details.

I feel guilty about all the times I told my kids not to play with their food. It is so much fun.

For a baba ghanoush recipe go here.

I chopped a bunch of pickled cucumbers to create the trunk of the tree.

Then I sliced red radishes and chopped out slivers to create little flowers. It turned out to be an easy and effective way to decorate food. I have used red radishes many time since this cherry blossom tree drawing experiment.

I used sliced pistachios and sumac for additional decoration.

decorate with some sumac

Finally, I poured a bit of olive oil at the bottom. This is what the end result looked like.

cherry blossom tree drawing

The plate was wiped clean by the family. It looked beautiful. Tasted great and even smelled appetizing. The perfect dish all around.

plate getting wiped clean

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What do you think of this yummy cherry blossom tree drawing? Would love to hear your feedback in the comment section below.

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