Gravel and Water Made Love (Rain Poem)

It rains lots where I live. Luckily for me I like the rain. It puts me in a certain mood. Not happiness. Nor contentment. More like a hopeful outlook that greener pastures are about to grow under my feet. I like the smell of earth right after a heavy rain. I especially enjoy the water puddles the water makes. I came upon this heart shaped water puddle on one of my walks. Something I do lots of. It inspired me to write a rain poem. The words just popped into my head. I called it Gravel and Water Made love.

rain poem

Rain Poem

Gravel and Water Made Love
One said to the other:

You grate me into plops
rub me with sizes
that shape me wrong

Gravel replied:
Purity condescending
a washes my nature.
You tempt well meaning feet
to tread where they should not

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