Storyteller’s Promise 2

If I told you that there is a path that will not make you rich, in fact might make you less rich than you are today, will not make you more popular, in fact might make you less popular, will not bring you enlightenment, will not give you happiness, will not solve any of the problems that plague your life and disturb your sleep, and definitely, for sure, without a shred of a doubt will not make you a better person.

Would you follow this path?

Why should you chase a shadow you can never catch?

No sales pitch has sounded so bleak. No self-help expert, ever, dreamed so meek. No spiritual guide inspired so little. No intellectual claimed a discovery more insignificant.

I am not a sales person, not a psychiatrist nor therapist. I am not a life coach. I am not spiritual. And I am not an intellectual. I am a humble storyteller.

The only promise that this path provides solace in your darkest hour and the satisfaction garnered from perusing life with integrity away from the shores of delusion and sentimentality.


Listen to what I have to say.

Place your heart in the palm of my hand. Let me be the pulse that dances through your body for the next few minutes. What I have to offer is not worth much. But, I offer it wholeheartedly.

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