Orange Color Poem

Sentiments of loneliness and yearning poured into an orange color poem. I gatherer all sorts of orange colored objects to place in a picture. A book. A handbag. A Tea Kettle. A Fan. A shoe. Nail polish. A necklace. And an bean bag that my son insisted on buying. At the end I looked at the big pile and realized that I own lots and lots of things that are orange. But, enough about me, let’s get into the poem.

Orange color poem

What makes us feel attracted to a certain color? How do we assign sentiments to shades and hues? Contemplating these questions I came up with this orange color poem.

Orange is not my favorite color

I am lonely
I am lonely
I wear an orange dress
to cheer me up
Reminds me of the sun
a subtle embrace
intensity of your gaze
Orange is only my second favorite color.

With you I wore rain and wind
Your heat
was enough
to brighten my days

This longing
colors my days
with shades and hues

I am a bee
I dance
to pollinate
a heart

I am lonely
Orange is not my favorite color
Love is not humiliation.

I reserve an empty space
for you
to dress me with

I am lonely
I am lonely
believe it or not
orange is not my favorite color

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What do you think of this orange color poem? Would love to hear your feedback.

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