I Want to Be Purple :: Flamenco in English

“Flamenco in English? What? That is so weird. You can’t do that!” I had this idea for a long time and I finally gathered up enough momentum to give it a try. This is my first crack at creating a flamenco song in English. I was with lots of trepidation that I put this piece together. But then trying something new is always terrifying.

Shortly after I finished formatting Graffiti Hack, a poem popped into my head inspired by the crazy writing process. Next thing I know I was turning it into a song and creating a choreography for it. The novel is a gift that continues giving in most unexpected ways. I am totally amazed. I feel super grateful to have found a group of super talented musicians to bring this vision into reality.

Elen Ghulam :: Dancer
Farnaz Ohadi :: Singer
Jill Russell :: Flutist
Elvira Yebes :: Palmista
Tracy Samoil :: Palmista

This was performed at the Presentation House in North Vancouver, April 6th 2014. As part of the Cuadro show organized by Mozaico Flamenco in Vancouver.

Although it’s deeply flawed, I feel proud of taking the initiative. So much hard work went into it.  Hours and hours of practice. I had no idea how much hard work goes into creating a choreography.

What do you think of the idea of flamenco in English? Would love to hear your ideas.

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