Sand and Shadow Make Love (Heart Shape Poem)

I went through a phase where I kept seeing the heart shape everywhere I went. I wasn’t looking for it, these shapes just popped up out of nowhere. And then a poem would just occur to me and I would write it down. This one time I went for a walk along the beach and then I sat down on a tree log. And there in the sandy bit between my feet was a heart shape made of the shadow the sand was casting across. This heart shape poem was the result.

Sand and Shadow Make Love

Sand and shadow make love

One says to the other

You are so glorious

That you wedge yourself in secret corners

Contemplating a single particle of you

Recreates the whole universe


Sand replied

You are so graceful

You allow beauty to eclipse the sun

And during the night

you dress us all

because you let them switch places

heart shape poem

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