The Hummus Chronicles

Yesterday. My husband and I were drinking our morning coffee exchanging a conversation of sweet nothing. There was that easy relaxed feeling hanging in the air when my husband told me:
Yesterday I was in a meeting and one of my colleges said:

I have travelled all over the middle-east and sampled all sorts of fine food, but the best hummus I ever had was …

I interrupted, attempting to guess the answer
-Abu Shukri in Jerusalem
– No
– I know, I know Leena’s in the old city
– No
– I know, I know that dinky old place in Ramalah with Arafat’s picture on the wall, can’t remember its name.
– He said the best hummus he had. Ever. is the hummus that my wife makes.
– Really?

Wow! At first I felt happy with the praise. Then I felt some panic. Oh No! What if my only accomplishment in life is that I made hummus really really well. I always hoped that my claim to fame would be a novel. And then I thought: Whatever!.  Who Cares! I guess hummus can tell a compelling story as well.

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