Graffiti Hack Enters the World with a Gentle Flutter 4

With rumbling floods of joy and cracking firestorm of anxiety, I present to you my first novel Graffiti Hack, for sale.

About Graffiti Hack:

Nelly divides her workdays into two chunks: before lunch, she hacks into high-profile websites to install lavish graphical designs-her own brand of digital graffiti; and after lunch, she clocks hours performing the nauseatingly boring tasks of her mundane job. But when the multitudes read political and social messages into her art/vandalism, Nelly discovers that the adoration of her new fans offers a more jarring prospect than ridicule.

Graffiti Hack is a story of impossible contradictions.

About the author:
Elen Ghulam worked as a computer programmer for 18 years. Telling stories to silicon chips proved to be easy, and so she graduated to amusing humans.
She is an Iraqi-Canadian living in Vancouver, BC.

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