Embracing The Heavens :: Art for Music

I was deeply honored to be asked by the talented JoJo Zawawi to create artwork for her upcoming CD titled Embracing The Heavens. My goal was to create a heavens that wants to be embraced – a sky that says “come and grab me”.

Here is the paintings at different points




Here is a music video I created featuring the title track


While working on this project, I listened to the music over and over again. I am willing to bet that it has healing powers.

Here is the response that my friend Andre Mazawi wrote to me after seeing this video:
Elen, and also for sharing your newest video. I watched it with awe as the canvas starts taking shapes in terms of the form lines, shapes, perspectives and contrasting colours. The most intriguing part was the line that you suddenly started drawing across the canvas, and which eventually became what I think
is a first plan tree branches. When you traced the first line, before it took to the
right, I wondered what is Elen doing, only to discover that suddenly as the branches took shape — and colour — a great perspective emerged on the blue background. The latter – combining kinds of waves, clouds, and sky — I could then understand how you brought sky and land, roots and the infinite horizon to bear on this inspiring composition. Thank you for sharing, Elen, as creative as always.
I do not know who the music compositor is — JoJo Zawawi — but it certainly provided
a nice rhythmic and flowing context.

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