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I went through a phase where I was obsessed with Garcia Lorca. I spent lots of time contemplating his poem called “I Want You Green”. This made me think of my favorite color “Purple” and these words popped into my head.

I Want To Be Purple

I want to be Purple
Purple hair.
Purple toes.
Purple inside the nose.
Not hot.
Not cold.
Not lukewarm.
Vibrant like the sun.
Burning with anguish.
Goodbye white teeth
My blood no longer red
I shall hand out paper towels
on street corners
drunk with soberness
Not blue like oppression
Not red like revolution
I want to be victim, dictator and collaborator.
The only part I refuse to play
is observant.
Busy with laziness
I yawn my waking
I want to be purple
Screaming a whisper
Flesh uncovering under fall leaves
Fingers wishing unthinkable.

“Favorite Color Purple” The Dance

“Flamenco in English? What? That is so weird. You can’t do that!” I had this idea for a long time and I finally gathered up enough momentum to give it a try. This is my first crack at creating a flamenco song in English. I was with lots of trepidation that I put this piece together. But then trying something new is always terrifying.

Shortly after I finished formatting Graffiti Hack, a poem popped into my head inspired by the crazy writing process. Next thing I know I was turning it into a song and creating a choreography for it. The novel is a gift that continues giving in most unexpected ways. I am totally amazed. I feel super grateful to have found a group of super talented musicians to bring this vision into reality.

Elen Ghulam :: Dancer
Farnaz Ohadi :: Singer
Jill Russell :: Flutist
Elvira Yebes :: Palmista
Tracy Samoil :: Palmista

This was performed at the Presentation House in North Vancouver, April 6th 2014. As part of the Cuadro show organized by Mozaico Flamenco in Vancouver.

Although it’s deeply flawed, I feel proud of taking the initiative. So much hard work went into it.  Hours and hours of practice. I had no idea how much hard work goes into creating a choreography.

What do you think of the idea of flamenco in English? Would love to hear your ideas.

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One thought on “Favorite Color Purple

  • Laurie McGarva

    Purple is an age thing. I started out with pink and went to apricot and then to green-blue and then to light lavender and now, I’m into purple. It’s obsessive, right up there with polka dots. Once upon a time, my skin looked lovely in pink. Now, various shapes of purple suit it better. As with polka dots, I’m careful when I wear purple and how much and where. I learned beading this summer because I desperately wanted an amethyst set of earrings, necklace and bracelet. I already had the ring. It set me off. So, yeah, purple.