How to describe color purple meaning

I seem to have a fascination with the color purple. To unlock the secret of it’s magical hold on me, I decided to attempt to draw it in black and white. I gave myself this challenge: draw the color purple without using the color at all. Here is my deep dive into purple meaning.

how to describe color purple meaning
Felt pen on paper

What is it about purple that makes me think of magic, royalty and mystery. It’s a mixture of red and blue and yet it has a unique personality of it own. It is a feminine color but in way that embodies power. So different than pink in that regard. It implies strength without asserting itself. In that way it ‘s the more sensible cousin of black. It’s a color that says:”I know who I am, I know where I belong, I know my purpose and I know exactly where I am going.” It always gives me a lift in mood. Like the Mona Lisa, I sometimes feel it looks back at me, as if it has a life of it’s own. It rarely exist’s in nature. A good example is rodicio vegetable. But it appears enough that it doesn’t feel unnatural. It’s practical magic. It’s the color of the Joker’s suit, beautiful shoes, poem I wrote and a most fantastical vegetable. Think the smell of lavender. The hard touch of amethyst. The feeling of quiet solitude. When you are content, but just a tinge of a purple meaning lonely.

What do you think? How would you describe the color purple?

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