Implied Lines

Implied lines in art and dance intersect to demonstrate new unseen.

implied lines

Felt pen on paper

A clear line can draw the eye in a particular way. In dance you draw a line with your body position and the footsteps you take across the stage. Implied lines on the other can demonstrate something hidden, something new, something you didn’t notice before. This is what I am exploring in this drawing and video.

What happens when we are less clear, when we let multiple meanings hang in the air. When you can reach out into the air and grab the meaning that you wish for, instead of one that is forced on you.

Is it delusion or freedom? Having a clear line can be comforting at same time restricting. With the freedom comes responsibilities.

These implied lines create beauty when human condition confounds us. Implied meanings withing meanings. Life is hard and some confusion is necessary to help us get through it.

Imagine if you could draw a line in the sand. A very long line. One whose beginning and end you can’t see. Imagine if all you had to do in life is walk the line. You don’t need to think or decide. Just follow the line. Wouldn’t life be simpler?

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