Flash Mob in Vancouver BC

Flash mob flamenco dance taking place in Vancouver BC.

Flash Mob on August 3rd 2013 at Trout Lake Framer’s Market, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

We danced sevillanas and then danced more sevillanas and then finished with some sevillanas. It was so much fun to watch people’s reaction to the surprise.

The idea was for only two people to start. Be joined by a few more and a few more. Finally have the whole group dancing together. At the end we dispersed into the crowd as if nothing had happened. As if it was all just a fantasy.

It was also fun dancing in the street – a public place, doing it just for fun and sharing the joy of dance with total strangers. Just brings joy to the heart.

Flash mob organized by my flamenco dance teacher Kasandra “La China”

I have always watched flash mob videos online. It feels like a dream to be able to participate in this. Feels like a sort of a magical experience. Have you ever witnessed anything like this or been able to participate? Would love to hear your story.

We also did dance in different locations around Vancouver after we left the farmer’s market. You can watch that here.

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