Too Much on My Mind

Do you ever catch yourself saying: “There is too much on mind”? Where thoughts and ideas pop into your head, collide into each other and crowd each other out. I seem to be going through an acute case of this. To help clear my mind I decided to draw the “too much on my mind” state in black and white doodle.

too much on my mind
Felt Pen on Paper

Since this is a mental state that induces a feeling I tried to draw a symbolic representation of the variety of thoughts that are swirling in my head right now. These thoughts are colliding with each other. Fighting. Attaching themselves to each other. Morphing one into another. Blending. Stopping each other from fully developing. This business is only a part of the “too much on my mind” effect. I wanted to show that the different elements are oppressing each other. Everything is a mess. I can’t focus on anything to give it justice. I need to calm down. Take a breath. Create an empty space. Come at me one at a time, dear thought. I lift my eyes towards the sky seeking help, but non is forthcoming. Save me from my own mind. I wish my brain came with an off button. It’s like there is a six lane highway running through my head with a soul crushing traffic jam clogging every artery.

I doodle away. Putting it all on a vast blank page. Will it create room inside my head? Can I get some relief?

What do think? Did I succeed in representing the “too much on my mind” state? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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