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There is a bronze statue by Seward Johnson among Stanley Park statues of a lady sitting on a bench searching through her purse. She is looking for her glasses. I assume to read a book. The glasses are on her head. In life the things we yearn for are within easy reach, if only we look. Watch this video first, then read the rest of the blog post.

People are always leaving the searching lady offerings. I have found her with flowers, a sandwich and various other gifts. As if many are responding to her searchiness. People want to give her something or leave her with something. I always find it touching. So here is me responding to the statue as well but in my own creative way.

among the Stanley park statues

What would you give the searching lady in the park? A pink flamingo pen? A hand held fan? A feather boa? A flower?

The full text of the video is here

Statue is called:
By J. Seward Johnson Jr.
Sited by Sculpture Placement Washington, DC

One of many Stanley Park statues, Vancouver, BC Canada

The mythical land is a reference to my novel Graffiti Hack.

The statue makes me think of the old sufi story of a beggar who is sitting on a box of treasure.

Story of the beggar and a box of treasure

A beggar was sitting by the side of the road One day a fine young man walked by. “Spare some change?” said the beggar, holding out his hand.

“What’s that you are sitting on?” asked the man

“An old box. I have been sitting on it for years and years and years.”

“Have a look inside.” said the man.

“What is the point? It’s just an old discarded box that nobody wants.” said the beggar.

“Have a look inside,” repeated the man.

“Fine!” said the beggar.

The box was filled with gold. He has been sitting on it for years and years and years.

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3 thoughts on “Stanley Park Statues: Lady on a Bench Searching

  • Jill

    Wonderful as always, Elen. I think she is looking for a letter she wants to reread. From someone beloved but far away.

  • Laurie McGarva

    Hi! Elen, My view on religion is that God needs all the help he can get considering who is following him. It’s not what one can get from God but tasks one can do to make life go smoothly for all concerned. There’s also gratitude. I conduct myself accordingly. // As for what the lady is looking for, maybe some kleenex? I remember Mama always rummaging for tissue. After a certain age, there’s OCD concern about leakage from eyes, nose and mouth. // There is only the future. It’s not where one comes from but where one goes. // Cheers! Laurie