Drawing: Tree of Life 2

I have been thinking about how the idea of tree of life is depicted in different cultures and decided to come up with my own interpretation.

tree of life

felt pen on paper

After hours and hours of drawing and doodling I have to say that I feel happy with the end result. The black and white effect is stark but not too stark. There is some softness left in the drawing. No straight lines. I like the implied movement in the tree of life drawing. Seems busy. Like life itself. There is both beauty and harshness. Things look like they might fall apart any minute and yet all thrives and grows. All receives the nourishment it needs, nothing is left behind. All is alive. All is running towards death. Whimsical. Beauty in ugliness. Seems natural and yet I tried to incorporate many unnatural elements. Can you see them?

This is one of those rare drawings when I felt satisfied by the result. I can honestly say that it looks better than how I imagined it from the outset. That is a very nice feeling. So fleeting.

How would you draw the tree of life? Let me know.

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