Artistic Correspondence

I receive all sorts of things: Gifts, books, poems, death treats, lovely emails and pictures of all sorts. Today, however I received something I have never received before – A painting of myself. The artist’s name is Falah Hassan, he lives in Irbil Iraq where he teaches fine arts. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a webpage, so that you can see more of his artistic work.

ihath by Falah Hassan

I use myself for my paintings that contain human figures. Although my life is full of people that are far more interesting, I am worried that other people will not like the way I see them. Seeing myself painted by somebody else, is both hugely flattering, a surprise, and also a little unsettling. Seeing myself through somebody else’s eyes … hmmmm …. something new to process.

not to be undone. I found a picture of Falah on his facebook and drew him this response. Why use language when we can communicate in paintings and drawings instead.

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