It was Just a Dream

Music By JoJo Zawawi – used with permission by the artist
Here are some words that JoJo used to describe herself: I’m a Classical & Jazz Pianist ! And some Flamenco, too ! I began playing piano when I was 18 months old. I never learned to read music (working on that now !), but have been composing music all my life. Mainly I improvise everything live (although I do have a huge box of stuff I’ve previously written, and I’m always writing more !).

You can hear her music on Soundcloud or read her writing at her blog.

The track in this video is called “From Night to Morning”

In this video I wanted to capture the dream like quality of painting. Images pop into my head from nowhere and the work seems to paint itself by forces beyond my control. Sometimes when I feel blocked, not able to finish a painting. I just have a good sleep and the next morning everything flows again. This painting in particular seemed whimsical. I call this painting the Storyteller because every painting tells a story. You can view the end product here .

or view my other paintings here .

I was inspired by the following youTubers
MaryDoodles and TheJustdoArt

Watching others in the act of creation makes me want to pick up my brush and re-imagine the world with it.

It was Just a Dream

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