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It all started with an email. My friend Barry Jakel asked me if would like to come to his book launch party. What book? When? Where? What is the book about? Why didn’t you tell me that you were writing a book? 100 questions swirled inside my head. Instead of asking them I said yes to the invitation and showed up at La Zuppa café in North Vancouver where the party was. Where I was introduced to Excuse me! Your sun is in my shadow. Barry’s book of poetry and photography.


I don’t know why I was surprised to hear that Barry published a book of poetry since he wrote this poem after reading my book.
At the book launch party Barry read his poetry accompanied by the beautiful music of local artist Emad Armoush. The total effect was magical. We got to hear stories of sunsets, sunrises, loss, loneliness and triumphs. Barry ended the reading by telling the audience “Believe in your dreams, they do come true”. Indeed Barry! dreams do come true. I felt truly privileged to watch a friend shine like a star and on his path towards fulfilling his own dream. It was inspirational. It takes lots of courage to be expose your emotions in book such as this.


My copy of Excuse Me! Your sun is in my shadow.

With my own copy

I couldn’t wait to buy my own copy to get to enjoy this work of art at a later point. My favorite poem is the one where Barry is swimming in a sea of empty beer bottles and cigarette packs. I don’t want to give too much away. You have to experience the book for yourself. Be warned that after reading this book, you might find Barry’s sun standing in your shadow and there is no knowing what you might be inspired to do after that.

you can buy a copy of the book here

A few pictures from the book launch party:
Barry Singing

book singning

I can’t wait to see what next Barry will come up with. I have a sneaky feeling that there are many more creative adventures in his future.

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One thought on “Book Review: Excuse me! Your sun is in my shadow.

  • Paula

    Karyn from our north shore caregivers resource center had shared your books today. Thank you, I find them absolutely beautiful. I will be looking for them soon. PJH