Mahmoud Darwish – Wait For Her (Seductive Poem)

On Oct 16th, 2011, I was asked to read Arabic poetry for an event. I was feeling in a certain type of mood and so I decided to read a poem by famous Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish titled “A Lesson in Kama Sutra”. Sometimes called “Mahmoud Darwish – Wait For Her.” As far as seductive poems go this one is high on my list. I read part of the poem in Arabic and later read the English translation. I did the translation into English myself.

With a glass inlaid with gemstones, wait for her.
On a pool surrounding an evening, among perfumed roses, wait for her.
With the patience of a horse, trained to descend mountains,wait for her.
With the fine refined taste of a prince, wait for her.
With seven pillows stuffed with light clouds, wait for her.
With the fire of womanly incense that fills rooms, wait for her.
With the sandalwood scent of a man riding a horse, wait for her.
Do not rush, if she arrives late then wait for her.
And if she arrives early, wait for her.
Do not startle the birds from her hair braids and wait for her.
To lift her dress from her leg one cloud at a time, wait for her.
Gently touch her hand as she places the cup on the marble.
As if you are wiping away the morning dew and wait for her.
Talk to her the way a flute would talk to a fearful violin string.
As if both of you are witnessing what tomorrow is planning for you.
Ring by ring, shine the night for her and wait for wait.
When the night declares to you:
There is nobody in existence but the two of you.
Take her gently to the death you desire and wait for her.

What is your favorite seductive poem? What do you think of my translation of Mahmoud Darwish – Wait For Her? Would love to hear from you.

music by Trio Joubran

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