Flamingo Flamenco Debate Rages 2

There seems to be a confusion between the two words: flamingo flamenco. Allow me to illustrate the difference.





One of my biggest pet peeves as a flamenco dancer is that every once in a while I get called the F word. Flamingo. Yes, I know, shocking but true. For some reason people get confused between the two. Flamingo flamenco, flamingo flamenco. One is a pink bird that stands on one leg… a lovely and delightful creature. The other is a musical and dance form originating is the Andalucía region of Spain that is very rhythmic and is known for very passionate expression. I can do both, but one is much harder to do that the other. I get called a flamingo all the time. Even my own parents sometimes introduce me as a flamingo dancer, my own parents. Aaaaa! People please, let us clarify this. Do you see me dancing while flapping my arms? Do you see me standing one one leg? … Ok sometimes I stand on leg while practicing to enhance strength and balance, but never while performing. People please, I am begging you, just don’t mention flamingos in my presence.

Flamingo flamenco flamingo flamenco.

It has caused me a psychological trauma. I gotten to the point where I don’t even argue anymore. I just go, yeah! whatever. Fine I am a flamingo … I don’t care. If after reading this, you are still confused, its unclear that this is different from this. That is ok. Just use some generic word. Call me dancer, call me a moving humanoid form, call me an animated living organism. But please don’t call me, you know the other word.

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