Explorations in degrees of alegrias 1

Flamenco is a mystery which has taken me down a winding road, at times if felt like a maze, other times like a well crafted science. It brought me moments of utter joy, but also broke my heart. Here is a clip of one moment along this journey, dancing Alegrias, attempting to capture the impossible balance of joy and sadness. The contrasting forces of gentleness with forcefulness. Will I ever do this art form justice? Who knows? …. I keep on trying.

Elen Ghulam – dance
Rod Malkin – guitar
Jafelin Helten – cante
Kasandra La China – palmas
Oscar Neito – palmas
Andrea Williams – palmas
Michelle Harding – palmas

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One thought on “Explorations in degrees of alegrias

  • Laurie McGarva

    Hi! Elen, Okay, where are the feet? I keep hoping to see the feet. Do you have another clip that shows the feet? Lovely dress. Upper body movements very expressive. Cheers! Laurie