Top ten things that perhaps were said to Hosni Mubarak to convince him to resign

Top ten things that perhaps were said to Hosni Mubarak to convince him to resign

10 – Dear Hosni, You the best president in the world. However the Egyptian people are unworthy of your special awesomeness. You should move somewhere where your unique talents will be appreciated.

9 – Dear Hosni, Since dead Egyptians have been voting in the last elections, some of them have resurrected the spirit of Pharaoh Tutankhamen and he wants his position back.

8- Dear Hosni, Your extreme modesty has obscured all the personal sacrifices and great service you have done for Egypt. You must retire, move to somewhere quiet and write your memoir so that future generations can appreciate everything you have done for your country, because most of us don’t get it yet.

7- Dear Hosni, you can amass greater fortunes in oil rich countries. Saudi Arabia is the new land of opportunity.

6- Dear Hosni, they have better hairstylists and expert colorists in Mexico.

5- Dear Hosni, in a country of 80 million, only you are qualified to be the president. Therefore we must clone your personality so that you can continue ruling Egypt after your death. I hear they do state of the art A.I. research in California.

4- Dear Hosni, since you had such brilliant success winning elections for 30 years, think of how much money you can make by being an elections adviser to Sarah Palin. Think of the great service you will do the American people.

3- Dear Hosni, a special course has been designed for you in Germany to teach you all about how to use Facebook and Twitter. You will be able to beat that annoying kid Wael Ghonim at his own game afterwards.

2- Dear Hosni, in the US, people will get confused between Mubarak and Barack because of the similarities in the name. You are handsomer, more youthful and give better speech’s anyway. Simply go to Washington DC, and demand to become the president of the United States.

And the number one thing that might have be said to Hosni Mubarak to convince him to resign is ….

1- Dear Hosni, “Let them eat cake” … ding, ding, ding …. does that ring any bells?

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