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Last Friday I participated in TWS reading series and had an inspiring evening. The video above is a video clip of the story that I read there. I am being introduced by the talented and beautiful Fiona Scott who blogs at Babe With a Back Pack, documenting her travel adventures all over the world. She is planning a trip to Morocco so watch out for a few spicy posts on her blog in the coming months.

In addition to Fiona, I  got to meet and hear so many talented writers and poets that I left Take 5 cafe (429 Granville Street) where the event was held in a state of bliss. I will try to recall some of the highlights of the evening.

The star of the evening for me was a young woman named Meaghan Rodeau who read poetry that penetrated all the layers and shot straight through into my heart.

Beth Kope read from her book of poetry, Falling Season, about her mother’s struggle with dementia. Her words were carefully crafted and layered gentle observation on top of grief.

Don Simpson read a monty python like story of how Shakespeare has been stealing all his best ideas. His delivery was dead pan, making it that much more funny.

I also met Tariq Malik who invited me to his book launch which I certainly intend to go to. His book is called Chanting Denied Shores and is a historical novel about Indian immigrants arriving at the shores of Canada on a ship. Seems like an interesting read.

There were many other talented people. I will post the longer version of my “How I learned to Appreciate Art” with all the juicy details in a few days.

More info about TWS Reading Series here.

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