Back Stage : Café de Chinitas 2010

During Cafe de Chinitas 2010, I managed to film what happens backstage and on stage. Here are a few excerpts from the show. In this video I show some of the preperation before the show and a few clips from the show it self. A few surprises are thrown in as well.
Mozaico Flamenco Dance Theatre and Caravan World Rhythms are proud to present Café de Chinitas, “Viñetas del Mozaico” Dance Collection. This colourful flamenco dance spectacular showcases 18 dancers in a dozen vignettes featuring a mosaic of music settings ranging from pure flamenco, flamenco fusion, classical, and pop to the unique Asian fusion of Vancouver’s internationally renowned Orchid Ensemble.
Cafe de Chinitas 2010 is a true mosaic. Each piece is carefully crafted, individually coloured and brilliantly conceived. Each fits perfectly in place to create a larger picture informed by an artistic vision that unifies diversity under an overarching expressive form: flamenco. The result is a dazzling, innovative presentation of an impressive array of cultural, musical and aesthetic influences.


Kasandra La China, Café de Chinitas Artistic Director
Oscar Nieto, Mozaico Flamenco Artistic Director, Choreographer

Jose Lara, Cante

Dance Company:

Kasandra La China, Soloist
Shyiang Strong, Soloist
Andrea Williams, Soloist
Michelle Harding, Soloist
Grace de la Cruz, Company
Monica Perez Laurin, Company
Cyrena Huang, Company
Kara Miranda, Company
Katalina Cruz, Company
Christina de Castell, Company
Maria Avila, Company
Adela Romero, Company
Zosia Hortsing, Company
Andrew Klukas, Company
Elen Ghulam, Apprentice
Gina Holliday, Apprentice
Kelty McKerracher, Apprentice
Noelle Trotter, Apprentice

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