The Adventures of Frakash …. Page 13


Garden Gnome discovers internet

Frakash felt drowsy when he woke up from sleep. He was half in this world and half floating in a dream landscape. He felt a heavy pebble in his stomach and his head felt like it was swimming through grey jelly. Frakash staggered out of the kitchen realizing that eating a whole box of doughnuts was a foolish idea. While walking in the hallway, he passed one of the perfect boxes where a geekmeisters was laboring. Frakash decided to observe from a distance and watch what a geekmeisters does at his computer, hoping that he might learn something.  The geekmeisters typed the words “ihath makes baba ganoush” into a box on the computer screen and in a clickity click a video played. In the video there was a woman hugging an eggplant. She looked serene but disturbed, uncomfortable but ready. Suddenly, a peacock showed up and began to stab the eggplant with a knife. Everything seemed strange yet normal, same but different. The woman in the video looked troubled but resigned, unfazed but anxious. There was a pained smirk on her face. Frakash felt a rush of mysterious anxiety scuttle through his veins. He started to think that perhaps he was still dreaming. That is when he heard Laila screaming down the hallway. Frakash had never heard Laila scream before, yet he recognized her voice.

You can read the full garden gnome story as a picture book for adults here

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