The Sequin Shoes 2

This story is a continuation of something that started with Orange Shoes. You can start at the beginning or just dive right in.

Everything seemed under control from my ankles and up, until I met the black sparkly evening sequin shoes.

sequin shoes

 The minute I put those shoes on, I felt like Cinderella and Cinderella can’t just change her shoes, she has to change everything. She has to wear a glass shoe appropriate dress, a glass shoe appropriate hair and glass shoe appropriate carriage must transport her to the ball. I bought the sequin shoes immediately as if it was love on first sight, but once I came home I realized that there was nothing in my closet that I could wear them with. O the torture of owning fantastic shoes that you can’t wear. Deep thinking followed and now I started looking at clothes searching for something worthy of my new brilliant shoes. What dress or outfit would go with sequin shoes? This was the beginning of complete madness as I started to crave color and flavour in everything. The interesting shoe was no longer enough and I wanted interesting everything: clothes, pens, notebooks , accessories, people, experiences and even a more colourful self. A flood gate was opened and there was nothing I could to stop the tidal wave. But that is a story for another post. I will try to stay focused on shoes. To go with the sequin shoes I finally found a grey blue wrap dress that has a sequin design all over it. The shoes look like they were made for that dress. As if they were made together as a perfect match. A musical duo, were each one hits a different note yet together they produce enchanting music. The only problem with my eye music was that it is a rather fancy outfit suitable only for special occasions. I found myself lusting after visual melody on a regular basis. Soon after dresses of all sorts started to appear in my closet: Red, green, purple, beige, prints, polka dots, ruffles, ribbing, lace … I am digressing again. Once I got into dresses, I found endless choices. My adventure with matching the perfect shoe with the perfect dress continued. In all the disharmony of colors I made a brilliant discovery one day. The magic of the tan colored shoes.

tan shoes

You might be shocked to discover that at this phase a bought something as bland and colourless as skin color shoes. But these shoes are magic. Tan or skin colored shoes make you feet look long and slim. Plus they go with everything. Beige should be the new black in shoes, not because the beauty of the color itself but because the way it transforms the appearance of your legs. Furthermore these shoes, despite the heals are comfortable to walk in. I usually take them with me whenever I travel, because I can walk in them for hours plus they match most outfits and hence I get to look elegant without carrying too many pairs of shoes. I don’t recommend any of my shoe adventures (in fact I strongly caution against it) to anybody except for the beige shoes. Do yourself a favour and try on beige shoes … nice change from black without being radical. One day I was looking at my shoe collection and I realized that I was missing pink. Despite my wild color diversification there were no pink shoes in my closet. “That is outrages” I exclaimed to myself, no feminine exploration is complete without an investigation of pink. Out I marched one Sunday morning aiming to correct this travesty. I looked at all sorts of pink shoes, but none of them grabbed me. They all seemed excessively saccharine. Until I found a white shoe with a pink trim that felt just right.

pink shoes

It might seem that I am being shy on the pink front with these shoes, however the subtle tones allow me to wear them with all sorts of outfits. Then I purchased the black and white shoes. There was no particular reason except that I saw somebody else wear black and white shoe and I thought it would be a nice idea, besides I had the perfect skirt to wear them with.

black and white shoes

These shoes look nice and I frequently get complements when I am wearing them, however I feel absolutely nothing when they are on my feet. No warm feeling, no subtle inkling of sadness not even a yearning of any sort. That is when I realized that my shoe adventure turned into a shallow pursuit. It became a momentum that propelled itself. It started as a mysterious stirring and unfolding which held a promise, but it became all about matching the shoe to the outfit. I realized that I was looking for beauty and color. Buying the black and white shoes made me realize that I had taken my adventure to its full limit and it was now time to explore what I was seeking in areas that went beyond my feet.

This story is complete, But you can read my story of how I failed to find my sole mate.

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2 thoughts on “The Sequin Shoes

  • Jill Russell

    Imagine having feet so narrow that none of those gorgeous shoes would ever fit? Never. Ever. I have often thought that I should get a government allowance for this affliction. They could pay for trips to Italy to have all my shoes custom made for me. The only shoes that stay on my feet are lace up running shoes and hiking boots. Suffice it to say that neither come with sequins and seldom in pink. And it is really hard to get that perfect musical harmony with any dresses. Hence, I am forever a slob in jeans and corduroys. wa wa wa….

  • ihath Post author

    Dear Jill,

    You always look so elegant in your jeans and hiking boots … you have the hipster dynamic going for you. However if you want to wear pretty shoes, perhaps you should consider custom made shoes. You don’t need that many, perhaps one black, one beige and one red because every woman needs a pair of red high heels. Also you can learn to make your own shoes. Here is a website that might give you some idea