Poop and Democracy – a radio broadcast 2

On November 14th a CBC Radio 1 a program called North by North West broadcast the following story that I have sent them.





you can read a written version of the story here

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2 thoughts on “Poop and Democracy – a radio broadcast

  • Kate

    That was an adorable story and I’m so happy you shared it (and that I took the time to stop and listen)!
    I feel EXACTLY THE SAME WAY about poop! “Been there done that and have the teenagers to prove it”! But I too was over-ridden in the matter: guinea pigs, in our case. We had those adorable, furry little poop and pee machines for about 6 years I think! Finally ALL of the kids got over the phase of wanting them (and most importantly, sick of clean up chores which I insisted they help with, but on my timetable and with my participation and standards.) We were able to give them to a younger family where they are healthy, fat and happy and someone else’s stinky problem.