Adventures of Frakash … Page 10

Garden Gnome and a video game


Now super confident, Frakash peeked into the meeting room next door. There he found a group of geekmeisters playing a video game. Frakash was willing to take on another adventure. He grabbed one of the game consoles and moved the little knobs around. He realized that each time he moved a knob or pressed a button, something happened on the screen to a fictional character that he controlled.

The three geekmeisters sitting in the room were surprised to see an 11 inch being standing on the chair with a pointy hat.

“He must be a disgruntled programmer fixing the same bug for the tenth time”, thought Ralf to himself. “O no! not another visit your parent at work day. Those kids are so annoying. Why is this kid wearing a fake beard?” thought Sam to herself. “Great! They finally hired somebody who is even shorter and has more facial hair than me”, thought Frank. All three had taken the cultural diversity sensitivity training as well and said nothing.

“O this is even more fun than drawing designs”, thought Frakash. The objective of the game was to defeat as many enemies as possible while collecting as much loot as possible. To Frakash, this was familiar territory. He was a professional loot hoarder by training as a garden gnome. Although he didn’t know much about guns, he had good working knowledge of the bayonet.  Frakash felt grateful for the first time in his life for the dragon charging training he received in gnome school. He remembered all the times he had told the other gnomes that it was a waste of time.  Here he was putting it into good and constructive use for the first time in his life. Although the game was fast paced and Frakash was not able to use any of his gnome battle spells because of his vow, in about an hour he defeated the most number of enemies and collected massive loot. All the other geekmeisters looked impressed with him. The one that the geekmeisters called Sam gave Frakash a high five and said “Wow! Dude! You totally creamed them”. Frakash felt happier than he had ever been in his whole life. He finally felt that he was among those that understood him and were at his level. He could feel that at last he arrived to the right place in his life. He was home.


You can read the full garden gnome story as a picture book for adults here

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