The story of a man, his meat grinder and the mother of all burgers 2

I had dinner at my friend’s house and he made the best tasting burgers I ever had in my whole entire life. When I asked him where he got the burgers he told me that he made them himself from scratch. I invited my friend Ayman and his wife Malek to come over to my house so that they can show us how to make the fantastically tasting burgers. It all starts with 5kg of sirloin tip and a meat grinder. We ended up having a beautiful meal with both families. This video is not for vegetarians. Many thanks to Ayamn Kallas and Malek Balout for allowing me to film them at work.

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2 thoughts on “The story of a man, his meat grinder and the mother of all burgers

  • AGA

    Try telling someone that you have a meat grinder and grind your own hamburger. The only people who don’t view you with newfound suspicion are those who either hunt or have relatives who do. The suspicious looks don’t completely leave their faces until they have tasted the burgers. Using the whole sirloin tip is absolutely the best. I am going to have to try the egg, onion, spices and bbq sauce tips. We usually just add salt, and it’s like a steak burger. We also use our grinder to process cheaper cuts, such as round or chuck which we use in marinara sauces, meatloaves, etc. There’s no need to drain the meat, since there is very little fat in the meat after its trimmed, and you won’t see any grease in the sauce.

  • ihath Post author


    I will never be able to buy burgers from the frozen foods section at the supermarket. My whole understanding of what a burger is has been altered by Ayman. I am for sure buying my own meat grinder.