Don’t shoot, she’s my friend 1

By Barry Jakel
A poem in response to readingĀ  “Don’t Shoot! … I have another story to tell you“.

I am not sure who I am talking to, … but this I know is true,
I know you’re armed and dangerous, and before you do
Anything outrageous I just wanted you to know
My friend Elen has a story, … another book to show.

She is a big fan of Jack Nickelson
And Pysna Pricezna too
Why shoot a fan of Jacks,
Or a fan of a proud princess she once knew.

Elen’s a Vancouver Sun Run Queen
After all she finished the race
She has two darling daughters
and a Ph.D in place

She’s very brave and talented … her stories all are true
She’s a tough Iraqi Girl, so you know the thing to do
Stop your evil scheming, and put the gun away
Elen’s got another story … another thing to say

Her talents as a dancer are known from near and far
She’s dancing at La Zuppa to sounds of flamenco guitar
Rodrigo strikes the strings and music soars about the air
Don’t shoot my friend Elen, too many of us care.

She’s got another story so let Elen get away
Don’t shoot at my friend Elen …. put down the gun and stay
She’ll capture your attention, she’ll charm you with her smile
Don’t shoot my good friend Elen, get to know her first – awhile

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