A few reponses from readers on the blog.

“For those that don’t have internet access. (and yes, I have already bookmarked your site. WOW!) write a book. “

Gillian, California, US

 “Girl you kick ass. I wouldn’t want to cross paths with you.”

Salam Pax, Baghdad, Iraq

 “Your story was compelling, gripping, full of truth.”


“That was so beautiful it made me cry…..and at the end it made me laugh!”


“My name is Pierre and I just wanted to let you know how moved and inspired I got while discovering your blog.  Each post left me full of thoughts and with my poor knowledge of English, I can hardly find words strong enough to express the depth of my feelings. So many thoughts running through my head!”

                                     Pierre, Montreal Canada

“Seldom have I encountered writings that resonate … no, that’s a silly
expression in this context … that present so many things worth thinking
about, in such a small compass.  I shall certainly return to the site to
see what comes next.”

Michael Rathburn

“Not all blogs have literary merit and a true message. This one does. Highly recommended.”

                                   Steve webmaster of BloggerForum.com

“You’re a fine writer, I must say.  There’s something classic and Greek about this theme of the mask that can no longer be removed, isn’t there?  Anyhow, you’re now added to my
Mozilla Iraq bookmark group, which I read every day, at least once.  Thanks for
your contribution!”
                                    Brian Hall, Vancouver, Canada

“You are so good with words.  Your stories are always interesting, both relating to current events and your life.  I hope you continue as I very much enjoy reading them.”

Dave Glaspell, Honolulu, US

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