The adventures of Frakash and the adventure of ihath

  O so long ago, garden gnomes lived in mystical gardens of profound magic and entertained themselves with random acts of mischief, but not this garden gnome. Frakash was bored with his fairy-tale existence. To him, memorizing magic spells only to recite them at absurd moments seemed like an entirely mind-numbing activity. Curiosity grew into an insatiable volcano in Frakash’s heart. One day, with reckless abandon, he catapults himself into a world of intellectual magnificence and finds his humble gnome self surrounded by computer programmers. His brain has never felt this electrified, even in all his past gnome lives charging dragons and rescuing fair maidens. Will Frakash be able blend in with the all powerful geekmeisters that call themselves computer programmers? Will he be able to produce the dizzying array of shapes and designs that form programs? And alas, will he be able to make the transition from the kingdom of magic into a world where unbridled brain power reigns supreme? All is revealed in The Adventures of Frakash in the Land of the Geekmeisters; a 5200 word manuscript accompanied by 15 vivid illustrations.

  I just finished working on the story and illustrations. The query letter will be going out to literary agents on Monday. I feel excited yet terrified. If somebody knows a literary agent and can hook me up I will be eternally grateful.

Wish me luck.

You can read more about the story of Frakash here:

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