Adventured of Frakash …. Page 5 2

Garden gnome and a shirt
Frakash followed the one whom the geekmeisters called James into the men’s washroom. Once in there he cornered him, using his gardener muscles and three magical spells, Frakash forced James to take off his t-shirt. Frakash was convinced that if he was dressed like a geekmeisters, he would look like a geekmeister and nobody would suspect that he was a garden gnome. Frakash tied James’ hands and feet and placed a handkerchief around his mouth, so that James wouldn’t be able to get his t-shirt back. Quickly, Frakash ran out of the men’s washroom and tail gated one of the geekmeisters as he entered through the great glass door. The unsuspecting geekmeister opened the door for Frakash using his security card and Frakash followed him into the office. This time, Frakash knew not stand in the hallway looking mesmerized by the flawless sight. Instead he tried to act as if he was not enthralled by his surroundings and ran hastily into the first unoccupied perfectly shaped box.


You can read the full garden gnome story as a picture book for adults here

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2 thoughts on “Adventured of Frakash …. Page 5

  • AngloGermanicAmerican

    As my two oldest teenagers say, "Dude!!!!"

    I am thinking that they mean, "Strange!" when they say it to me. I hope hubby is ok.

  • ihath

    Dude!!!! You are even more perceptive than I thought you were.

    If you are worried about, he whom the smart ones call James, then don't. We will meet , he whom the smart one call James, again later in the story and you will find out that Frakash unknowingly chose the perfect person to tie up in the washroom. All will be revealed with time.