ihath makes Humus 8

Soak 2 cups of dried chickpeas in cold water over night.
The next day, boil the chickpeas for about 1 hour or until they can be squished between two fingers.
Drain the chickpeas of water.
Freeze half to use to make humus two weeks later, because that is how ofter you should be eating humus … at least!

The other half throw into a food processor with:

  1. The juice of 3 lemons
  2. 4 table spoon of tahini sauce
  3. Two cloves of garlic
  4. bit of olive oil
  5. cumin
  6. salt

Mix for 2 minutes

Serve on a flat plate and garnish with olive oil, parsely and cumin.
Present it with pita bread.

Now that I had so much fun playing with my digital camera and editing things in MovieMaker, I can’t stop thinking about all the possibilities …. what next?

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